Q: What's the Download/Upload speed of the school?

A: Even though we are fairly remote, Shebbear College's internet connection is a symmetric 1-Gigabit per second (1000Mbps) Fibre-Optic leased line, fourty-one times faster than the UK Government's definition of Superfast broadband.

Q: Are there any internet speed restrictions?
A: Devices on SC-BYOD, and devices connected to Ethernet in boarding houses are limited to 120Mbps down and 20Mbps up to ensure all users have a good experience. We also have several on-site caching servers for various services such as Steam, which can serve updates and downloads for games at up-to 1-Gigabit per second.

Q: I've changed my SCCAMPUS computer password and I can no longer connect to SCCAMPUS Wi-Fi. What should I do?

A: You will need to "Forget" the network on your device and go through the setup process again. The setup process can be found here.

Q: How secure is the SCCAMPUS network?
A: All outbound DNS requests are encrypted with Cloudflare, all devices are isolated from each-other, and all traffic to/from your device and our network is encrypted using WPA2-Enterprise. This means that nobody else on the SC-BYOD network can see your network traffic.

Q: What's the school's Wi-Fi coverage?

A: All buildings on-site have excellent coverage, apart from the Chapel. Some outside areas near buildings also have good coverage. We plan to expand our outside coverage, as well as getting the Chapel connected in the near future.

Q: What options do Boarders have for internet in the boarding houses?
A: Boarders can use either SCCAMPUS Wi-Fi or Ethernet ports. By default, however, Ethernet ports will need extra configuration depending on the device you wish to connect. Please contact the IT Department using help@shebbearcollege.co.uk to set this up.

Q: Can I access my SCCAMPUS documents folder with my own device?
A: No. You will need to either use one of our computers to access your documents folder, or you will need to upload the files you need to Google Drive on your School Google account.