If you find that an app or game doesn't work, or that you feel a website shouldn't be blocked, you should email IT Support (helpdesk@shebbearcollege.co.uk) so we can assess it.

There are different levels of filtering depending on the time, your location, and which year group you are in. For example, Boarders have access to more categories during the evenings and weekends such as Entertainment, Online Gaming & Social Media.

If you're seeing SSL/HTTPS/Secure Connection errors, please read this article.

The following cannot be unblocked:

  • VPN Services
  • Pinterest
  • Unmoderated image hosting sites
  • Illegal streaming websites
  • Piracy & other illegal file sharing websites
  • P2P Networking
  • SSH, VNC, Teamviewer, etc.
  • Gambling
  • Adult websites & chatrooms

Please remember:

You must use the network in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policy. 

Attempting to bypass any blocks is a violation of our AUP and will result in you being banned from using Wi-Fi or any IT Services provided by Shebbear College.